Lawn Fertilization & Insect Control Schedule

For Southeast Texas (St. Augustine & Bermuda grasses)


Always remember to water the lawn thoroughly after applying most types of fertilizer.Especially when temperatures start to rise in the spring months.

Failure to do this will cause your lawn to burn up!!

First application is in February .If necessary you may apply a weed and feed.

Nitro-phos weed and feed with Atrazine,fertilome,or Scott's are all good brands.Stay away from the box stores fertilizer and weed and feed.As the the saying goes "you get what you pay for",and you may get a destroyed lawn using cheap fertilizer.

* Just a note...When appling a weed and feed with ATRAZINE, make sure you do not apply it into your flowerbeds or around fruit trees.Atrazine will kill not only weeds but flowers and trees as well...

Second application is in March(15).Apply a 3-1-2 ratio (like 15-5-10)                      

Again,Nitro-phos,Fertilome,and Scott's,are good for this area.If this is your first application you also can use a weed and feed. 

In late May you can apply the same ratio as earlier or apply ammonium nitrate 34-0-0 at a rate of 3lbs per square feet.Nitro-phos superturf fetilizer,Scott's Super turf builder.(Again water well after fertilizing)[The first number is Nitrogen for rapid growth of the grass blades]

June ,July,and August months are a time for pests.Chinchbugs,and in august grub worms.

Chinch bugs are all over Southeast Texas.To tell if you have chinch bugs there is a simple test.If you have a old coffee can cut the bottom out of it,then get a water hose and apply the water inside the can on the edge of the infected area.If its chinchbugs they will float to the top.

Apply Nitro-phos' Bug out,Bayer's Advanced Lawn or , Diazinon, (if availiable),to the edges of the infected areas.Read the directions thoroughly

For grubs the only window open to have an effect on them would be applying the same Bug out or Advanced lawn in August.Grubs have showed themselves more this year due to the drought.During to the fall and winter months though they become dormant and pesticides will not work.

To know if your lawn is damaged by grubworms,you will notice that the grass itself comes up in bunches(Like someone cut it from the roots.)

Brown patch is also a concern here late August and September.

Apply Terraclor (Now P.C.N.B.)or Captan fungicides.

Finally in October most local brands carry their own mixture of fertilizer for the fall and winter months to use.In Southeast Texas, it doesnt freeze enough to damage the grasses here, so we would apply a local blend of winterizer, such as Nitro-phos fall special, or fertiloam.

January and February.(A pre emergent herbicide is good for this also,applied in October)

Fertiloam has a good weed and feed (20-4-4),also Nitro-phos(8-12-16)and Scotts.

Weed free Lawns

The best way to have a weed free lawn is have your mower settings on high.(Walk behind mower setting should be at least on 4 or higher on a Craftsman, Mtd,Ariens,Toro,Snapper,ect.Riding mowers 4 or 5 also)Cutting too short can cause scraping o

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